Amanda McGregor




60 Mins –
£80 to £150

To book: 07939512837

                                       Amanda McGregor
Hypnotherapy, Regression, Past Life Regression
Creative Development Therapy
‘Creative Consciousness with Direction’


Description of therapy
By intuitively tuning in to your energy psychology, Amanda works with Hypnotherapy in
energetic transformation, consciousness and development in respect of the
past, present and to create a clear and secure future. This is to help with the
healing and enlightening of your situation, relationship, work issues, confidence, stress, fears, pain, or illness.
Amanda’s intuitive response to ‘reading’ your situation, helps to bring
guidance in clearing fear, pain and insecurity, thereby instructing clear
boundaries and finding direction with pathways, hat enable a lighter
experience of living and a deeply connected way of relationship.
Intuitive Hypnotherapy uses many healing tools, energy frequencies
and understands consciousness. We use visualisation, theta hypnotherapy,
deep meditation, spiritual guidance and develop your own inner wisdom;
developing your emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, mindfulness,
whilst connecting in to the universal body of consciousness.

Amanda also works intuitively as a Business Consultant focusing on creative
communications, development, sustainability, energy resources, productivity,
service providers, platforms, human resources, investment strategy,
infrastructure, branding, product design, marketing, infrastructure, objectives, strategy, development of teamwork.,

What is it best for?
Understanding, healing and moving forward from trauma and life complications.
Working out psychological life issues such as bereavement, stress, confidence, business relationships and affairs
Career fulfilment and business development, helping with pain, depression.
Psychic healing, creative energy related illnesses such as M.E, fibromyalgia, stress related illness, cancer.
The healing techniques are useful for all illnesses; empowering the nervous system


What clients say:

‘Amanda was able to connect to my sister who is suffering from an eating
disorder whilst most medical teams were pessimistic about her recovery.
Amanda has a great psychic ability to connect to people and help them heal.’
‘Amanda is amazingly gifted at what she does, and I feel blessed having her in
my life.’ H.G.
‘I have been consulting Amanda for about 2 years. She has spot on psychic
intuition on all the issues that have come up in my life. She has helped me
tremendously through my issues of depression. Her healing sessions have been
transformational for me.’ N.I.

About Amanda
M.A. Creative Curating, Goldsmiths College, University of London.
Guided Self Healing 1, developed by American psychologist, Andrew H.
Hayn Psy.D.

Soul Contract Reading Reiki 1 & 2, Master Amanda trained
at the College of Psychic Studies, London.
Amanda is a Professional Hypnotherapist and has also developed ‘Creative Development Therapy’ which was ap-
proved and accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.
Amanda is a professional artist and therapist specialising in
development and communications, for more information please see

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