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60 Mins – £60 for concession clients

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Psychic Healer That Uses Creative Development Therapy



Evolve into your Lightness of Being

Psychic Healer Creative Development Therapy (C.D.T.)  uses energy and visualisation to communicate with your inner self and understand your situation or illness. C.D.T. acknowledges that there are many levels of consciousness to consider and work with; from the mind, the cells of the body, the organs, your higher consciousness, the ‘Universal Body of Consciousness’, ‘Spirit’, ‘Source’ or ‘God’. The communication of consciousness takes place through adialogue or narrative story that the client holds inside them, the visual story gives the experience of playing a role in a life drama. The stories relate to past lives, life in-between lives and are sometimes simply symbolic. Often guides and angels are bought in, to offer direction and support. Amanda can also work psychically to sense problems in the auric field and to help heal illness. A meditation is used to help the client to relax, it is then possible to work with energy, consciousness and visualisation.

Understanding, healing and moving forward from Trauma.  Working out psychological life issues such as Bereavement, Relationships and Affairs. Career Fulfilment.

Energy related illnesses such as M.E., Fibromyalgia, Stress related illness, Cancer, Empowering the Immune System, Pain, Depression, Sexual Abuse, C.D.T. provides a creative approach to healing in general, it is possible to set goals to work towards.

M.A. Creative Curating at Goldsmiths College University of London
Guided Self Healing 1 
developed by American psychologist, Andrew H. Hayn Psy.D  Soul Contract Reading
Reiki 1 & 2

Amanda has been accredited by the complimentary medical association as a practitioner of Creative Development Therapy.

Amanda is a professional artist, for more information please visit