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Learning through your body

Grinberg Method

Description of therapy

We all carry automatic reactions in our bodies, acquired over time in response to different situations. Some people may hold their shoulders in a certain way and overtime they will become stiff and sore; others may hold their head and neck in a certain position; or clench their jaw, or hold their hips stiffly. Over time, through repetition, these patterns become automatic and effect how we move and feel. 

The Grinberg Method works to identify your automatic methods of reacting to situations, so that you can learn how to manage these methods and allow yourself a wider range of options. In time, you will be able to recognize your reactions as physical experiences in your body, and contain and manage these, so that you can influence what happens in your life, rather than falling into automatic patterns.

A Grinberg Method practitioner works with foot analysis and then with touch, breathing exercises, visualisation and will teach you how to pay attention, to breath fully, and to learn how to pay attention, to breath fully, and to learn how to contract and resist and to let go.

Who it is best for?

  • Common ailments: muscular and joint pain, digestive and skin disorders, breathing difficulties, pain relief
  • Sports: tension, relaxation, aches and pains, soreness
  • Wellbeing: relaxation, reduce muscular tension, improve sleep, balance emotions

Alison Sayers

Alison is a second year student with the Grinberg Method School in Vienna.  The professional training program to become a qualified Grinberg Method practitioner takes three years and encompasses periods of intensive study, working with clients to apply what has been learnt and supervision sessions with experienced teachers.  Grinberg Method practitioners work with each client in a learning process that addresses their unique needs, by identifying recurring physical and psychological patterns that restrict their body and their life, alleviating pain and discomfort and releasing patterns.  As a result, it enables clients to achieve an improved quality of life and greater overall well-being. 

Alison worked in a corporate setting in the field of organizational and individual development for over 20 years.  On receiving Grinberg Method sessions herself, she appreciated the deep impact the work could have on long-held physical tension, moods and even thought patterns and started the training so that she could bring this to others, and help them to realize changes in their life at a deeper level, through their body and its innate ability to learn and heal.   


“…I have been seeing Alison for the past half year, and the sessions have offered me a new way to experience life. By working through the body, Alison has helped me experience my true, unconstrained self, in ways I have never felt before. Depending what we worked on, I would feel light, relaxed, self-assured, clear in my thoughts, or emotionally balanced. I could feel less bodily or emotional pain, stronger boundaries or simply more funny, all of which helped me ride one of the most challenging periods in my life. As an academic, I am used to spend most of my time ‘in my head’, so it was eye-opening to realize that mental and behavioral patterns are stored in the body, and can be unlocked through touch. Grinberg has worked better for me than any other kind of therapy, and I could feel it already from the first session. Ultimately, you can only understand once you experience it!”