Other Treatments


Natureworks also provides other body and mind treatment. Through the healing hands of superbly trained therapist, we will give you excellence result.


Awakening Work

Therapists: Rebecca Young

Awakening work,  works with beliefs or emotionaly significant memories working with the change resistant partof the brain. Helps the indivdual become more consious,  a combination of therapy and coaching which can help  people reconncect and awaken their full potential space.


Creative Development Therapy  

Therapists: Amanda McGregor

Creative Development therapy enables the individual to express themselves through creative means. CDT encompasses  Art therapy which is a from of psychotherapy that uses art media to express communication through art. This can help with improve emotional well being, stress, self awareness, self esteem and develop interpersonal skills.



Therapists: Joel Mahabir

Iridoloy is a technique were patterns, colours and other characteristics of the irs are examined in order to gather information about a patients systemic health. Matching  their observations toiris charts, which divide the iris into zones that correspond to specific parts of the human body. Iridologists see the eyes as windows into the body’s state of health. Can help with your constitutional strengths and weakness, nutritional deficiencies, areas of injury, inflammation or degeneration, accumulation of toxins and emotional issues.


Journey Therapy

Therapists: Rebecca Young

Journey therapy can help free us from emotional and Physical issues. A  powerful healing processes which allows the individual to resolve emotional issues and uncover memories. Helps to restore a persons natural way of being healthy and functioning.


Lymphatic Massage

Therapists: Toks Coker 

Lymphatic massage is a gentle type of massage which stimulates the lymphatic system this is the circulatory system in the body.  The treatment works by stimulating the lymph nodes through massage help to clear blockages and gives the Lymphatic system a boost. Can help with improving metabolism, weight loss, stress, neurological disorders, hormonal in balances, improving circulation, chronic fatigue and over all well being. The treatment can also help to improve the body’s immune system.



Therapist: Toks Coker & Amanda McGregor

Developed in the 15th Century, tarot consists of 78 cards.  Each card represents a different a meaning to guide you through troubled thoughts and emotions The tarot can offer guidance in life’s journey. Each card contains different images that is able to represent what is going on for the individual in there live’s. Can help with dealing with issues or conflicts, acting as a guide for everyday life, helping to listen to our intuitions


Breath Work 

Therapists: Mariora Goschen

Breathwork  works with the conscious change in  breathing this therapy developed in the 1970’s takes principles from Psychotherapy and Zen Yoga.  Breath work focuses on mindfulness and meditation. Breathwork helps to release blocked emotions, frees the breathing process, relive uncomfortable experiences, enhances creativity, and increase energy flow.



Therapists: Viviane Carneiro

Provides the individual with a safe space to discuss and resolve conflicts and issues. This therapy can help overcome a variety of issues that can may be troubling you and simply talking with friends and family hasn’t been enough to bring relief.  Talking to a trained professional can be beneficial and help you to look at your problems in a different way and gain a different perspective which could be help you to move on from it. Counselling  can help with relationship issues, anxiety, emotional issues, bereavement, depression, stress, low self-esteem, isolation, relationship issues – family/marital/parenting issues, panic attack – trauma, career work related issues and life transitions – coping with illness.


Crystal Healing

Therapists: Toks Coker & Pia Tohevi

Crystal healing is when various crystals and minerals are placed on or around an individual to promote relaxation. Helps to relieve stress, relieve pain and promote energy. Using Acupuncture points crystals are paced on points around the body.



Psychic Healing

Therapists: Mairead Neal & Amanda Mcgregor

Psychic Healing  is  a  powerful psychic and spiritual energy which is used  to heal, clear and eliminate emotional and mental blocks. It can be used to clear worries about spiritual or psychic development. Can help with resolving childhood issues, dealing with health issues and providing spiritual nourishment.


Spiritual Counselling  

Therapists: Rebecca Young & Toks Cover

Spiritual counselling takes the soul rather than the mind as it’s starting point of balance. A progressive form of counselling which treats the whole person and encourages clients to expand an inner perspective of their problems. Can help with feeling more restored, gaining a stronger sense of self, gaining a renewed sense of clarity and gaining a new sense of purpose.


Thai Massage

Therapists: Toks Coker  

Originating from Thailand in the 19th Century Thai Massage is a traditional from of massage which involves stretching and deep massage. A hands on therapy that puts gentle pressure on the body using the palms and thumbs. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during  the Massage. Can help with reducing stress, improving circulation, increasing energy, focusing  the body & mind and improve flexibility.


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