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Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue

or Holistic Massage

£40 = 30 minute

£70 = 60 minute

£90 = 90 minute

Body Fix

£30 = 30 minutes

Deep Tissue, Holistic, Sports and Remedial Massage


Sports Massage and Swedish Massage Diplomas

Member of the Aromatherapy and Allied Practitioners’ Association

Manuel has practiced Sports and Holistic Massage for private and corporate clients since 2009 and runs a private clinic in North London. Specialising in sports massage; he works with clients to help overcome injury, treat muscular problems or simply relieve recurring aches and tension.

Manuel’s individually tailored treatments work across the body using a blend of acupressure, trigger point and stretching. He is adept at working in conjunction with Osteopathy and other medical professionals to provide tailor made rehabilitation planning for his clients.

He has worked closely with many athletes, dancers and clients in preparation for sporting events, providing support & advice within their training programme. Manuel also has experience working onsite within a rugby club treating injuries pitch-side.


Sports & Remedial Massage

Enhance endurance, lessen the chance of injury and help treat existing conditions
Sports massage is designed to help with any kind of sports related muscular problems, even though its main application is with people that do sports it can be used to treat any kind of muscular problems. Powerful strokes promote flexibility, reduce tension in the muscles and help prevent injuries and drain away fatigue.
Are you preparing for a sporting event? Don’t let bad preparation leave you injured and unable to perform your best on the day! Receive tips on how to keep yourself healthy and get a Sports Massage that will enhance your overall performance and experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

Heal and strengthen weak and stressed tissues

The main focus of this massage is the deeper tissues of the body. Its powerful precise strokes work on fascia, tendons and deeper muscle fibres. It helps heal and strengthen chronically strained structures, repetitive strain injuries and work related muscle problems. It achieves amazing results with spine, hip and shoulder problems.

Holistic Massage

Relaxing, therapeutic and de-stressing – perfect for winding down

Often referred to as Swedish massage, this treatment is designed to improve circulation, release tension and cleanse the body from built-up toxins. It is performed as a whole body treatment and the relaxing gentle strokes release tension, revive muscles and alleviate mental and emotional stress.

Body Fix

A targeted Sports Massage

Fix your problem area with this 25-minute targeted Sports Massage.

Just choose from :

    • Head & Neck
    • Arms & Shoulders
    • Hips & Legs

Feel the tension disappear!



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