Laura Artero Hypnotherapist


1st session 1 hour 45 mins £130
Subsequent sessions 1 hour 15 mins £110

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Laura Artero

Laura is a hypnotherapist and meditation practitioner. She believes all of us are capable of more. Her passion in life is helping others achieve their full potential – to feel in control of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours – and she does this using hypnotherapy. 

“The human mind is incredible. Change is always possible.”


Hypnotherapy puts you back in control of your thoughts and behaviours, working at a pace that suits you to solve these challenges and break free of your limitations. We all have the power to overcome self-imposed limitations and challenges.

When you come to Laura for hypnotherapy, she is your guide, helping you to explore and understand the way your mind works. All the work is done by you, and you are in control at all times. She simply guides you to access your subconscious so Laura and you can find the root cause of the problem and address it.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Confidence, Anxiety, Stress, Phobias
PSYCHOSOMATIC: IBS, Headaches, Eczema, Fertility, …
BEHAVIOURAL: Performance, Addictions (smoking), Weight management, Nail biting, Fears (flying, public speaking, being not good enough, etc.)
PREGNANCY & BIRTH: HypnoBirthing antenatal course, Hypnosis for birth, Overcoming morning sickness, Fear of birth, Baby’s vertex turn, Prepare for a C-section

The number of sessions varies but tends to be only a few – usually between 3 and 5.