Advanced Clinical, Holistic, Mindful Touch & Pregnancy Massages

Jonathan de Oliveira – ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage Level 3 and an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist Certificate. member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA)

Jonathan’s clientele ranges from dancers, runners and people involved in physical activities to members of the general public. His practice involves treating musculoskeletal issues as well as general relaxation. He had the opportunity to support people with mental health problems and he can sincerely say that it was very rewarding teaching them how to self-massage as a way to cope with their issues.  He has certificates on different techniques such as deep tissue, soft tissue release, meditation, reiki and others which can be seen upon request.
In the last years he has been practicing and studying Mindfulness, Meditation, 5 Rhythms, Kundalini & Reiki as a way to improve his wellbeing and to be of support to his clients.

Advanced Clinical Massage is aimed at reducing chronic pain and improving range of movement releasing tightness in muscles and restrictions in the connective tissue that surrounds them. Sessions include work to pinpoint trigger points and the use of other techniques such as amma fusion, deep tissue massage, sports stretching and myofascial release. This means he has a vast number of tools to choose from and can modify each session to best suit your current needs

Holistic Massage has a smooth and flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relief from stress and muscular tension and fatigue, a greater range of movement, improves digestion and circulation, removal of toxins and waste as well as boosting your immune system.

Mindful Touch encourages a deeper sense of wellbeing and release of emotional and physical issues through massage, breathing, movement, sound and energy techniques.

Pregnancy & Maternity Massage is designed to accommodate the unique needs of pregnant women after the first trimester of pregnancy.

Jonathan will tailor your massages according to your individual requirements at that specific time using soothing, invigorating and therapeutic techniques in order to assist you achieving your goals which may be keep injury and pain free, improve or maintain your health and performance. All appointments include relevant homeware advice, putting you in control. He will give you easy-to-follow stretches, exercises or postural advice to support the massages and the overall treatment plan.

What Jonathan’s clients say:

“I felt really good after the treatment – very lively in my mind, but also relaxed. I also felt good the next few days. May I say that it was a beautiful massage. I felt really pampered and beautifully relaxed.”
“I greatly enjoyed the very thorough and stimulating massage you gave me yesterday. In every respect it was focussed, professional, tension relieving and invigorating. I appreciated the care and attention you gave me on health and well being matters and your very welcome hospitality. You are thoughtful, engaging and put me at ease as well. I look forward to follow up sessions with eagerness.”
“I booked an appointment of one hour and I was extremely pleased with the service as Jonathan does not rush clients at all and time does not seem to be an issue to him. He is very polite and professional and his massage room is clean and peaceful. I have recommended Jonathan to friends and will keep on doing. Thanks Jonathan and all the best!!”

For appointment please contact:
email:, mobile: call/text message 07746388200