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Monday, Wednesday and other days on request

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  • 55 min:  £60 
  • 85 min:  £80 
  • special intro price: 85 min session for £70 

Bodily 3 

Move |  Sense |  Care


A  fusion of  Yoga, Barre and Pilates. Focussing on postural integrity, strength and flexibility as well as fluidity and grace. Breathwork is fundamental to the classes. Breathing is a natural process, but stress can have a real impact on how our bodies experience breathing.  By relaxing into an expansive breath, we can let go of many physiological aspects to stress. Conscious breathing sends a positive feedback loop, through our nervous system, brain to body, body to brain that all is well. This improves energy, sensuality, mood, sleep and focus.


Being in touch with our bodies energy and sensations, helps calm us, increasing our sense of aliveness. Bodily 3 offers a body based form of mindfulness. It enables us to gain insight and clarity about who we are and how we feel in the present moment. Sensing and feeling foster creativity by encouraging whole brained thinking.  It also minimizes the risk of injury when exercising as we are more in touch with our bodies sensations.  


Creative habits to nourish our physical, mental and emotional well being. There is a very strong link between our minds and bodies experiences, creating a regular practice of self -care helps us feel more present, connected and responsive to our own needs and those of our loved ones.  Simple self- care practices can be incorporated to help support healthy habits in your everyday life.

One -On- One Sessions

A typical one -on- one session is tailored to your individual needs. It can be purely breath-led movement, or it can also include energy healing,  meditation, creativity and/or health coaching for your specific goals. We  will  work together to put strategies in place to  support your sense of wellbeing.

About Ellen

I have always loved movement such as ballet and yoga but often found myself injured or in pain. Pushing myself too hard in class, running around looking after a young family and then spending hours sitting at a desk working to tight deadlines as an artist, often left me feeling stressed and anxious. It led me to explore various forms of movement teaching such as Pilates Yoga and Barre,mindful movement that focused on intelligent alignment for injury prevention. I became increasingly  absorbed by the mind body connection, knowing how my own emotions and mind state definitely affected my experience of being in my body. I studied with various teachers in areas such as  Whole Body Focusing, breathwork,  self hypnosis, energy healing  and Buddhist and tantric meditation. They all taught me how to become more aware of subtle body sensations, flow states, emotional resilience and relaxation strategies. Later, when I started teaching, I realised many people have similar issues. I am grateful to all my wonderful clients over the years. I am sure I have learned as much from them as they have learned from me. 

I am certified in BCPA Pilates, Ballet Barre, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and Sarah Powers Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation.I am a level 3 Reiki practitioner and experienced in a wide range of mind-body practices including E.F.T, the breathing body by  Donna Farh and Energy Medicine with Donna Eden.  I am currently training in  Hakomi mindfulness -based Body Psychology and as an  I.F.S practitioner. I have facilitated workshops and retreats on wellness subjects, such as balancing our hormones naturally,  anti-inflammatory nutrition and the use of mindfulness to access creativity and whole- brained thinking. 


“For the six months prior to starting with Ellen I had suffered, off and on, with pain in my thoracolumbar junction when I was running. As a chiropractor I had tried many things to correct and stabilise the area with varying but usually transient success. At my first session with Ellen she assessed my breathing and found that the ribs on my right side over my liver were restricted, creating an asymmetry in my breathing which put stress on my spine. Working on correcting this, and later working on the symmetry, strength and balance of the rest of my body with Ellen I have never again had this problem. As a Chiropractor and Nutritional Medicine practitioner I have always been impressed with Ellen’s eye for detail; with the precision, care and intuition with which she assesses imbalance in the body and her ability to tailor rehabilitation to the individual. I only wish we were lucky enough to still have her in New Zealand.” Dr Brooke Roughan, Chiropractor

“…Ellen’s classes are one of the most interesting body-focused classes I’ve ever attended. I was initially mystified as the work was gentle and subtle but I soon grew to have an absolute appreciation of what it was about. It is a mind body workout of the very best sort. Ellen’s teaching is clear gentle and intuitive. I think what I loved most, and I suspect given that we all need to feel safe to learn, what made the work so good for me, was her warm, natural and personable way with the class. Not an instructor up the top, but there with us, physically, emotionally and psychologically.” Charlene M., Somatic Experiencing therapist and Counsellor

“…Ellen is a special person who entered our lives just when we needed her; a quiet wisp who brought reassurance, hope and grace in a time of need. Our teenage daughter was critically injured in a serious bike accident and unconscious in intensive care when Ellen visited her and worked her magic.Our daughter survived, she recalls Ellen’s visits, and talks of the very tangible, positive and even sometimes challenging impact she had on her. We are sceptical by nature, but convinced in this case that Ellen’s Reiki sessions really made a difference. All of us hold Ellen in high regard for her special talents and beautiful nature. She is kind and generous with her energy and we hold her dear to our hearts for her compassion and thoughtfulness.” Rowena. R.N