Alexander Technique at Natureworks

Alexander Technique 

Therapists: Anthony Kingsley James Marsh Caroline Dale

Named the actor Frederick Matthias Alexander who developed it in the 1890’s, The Alexander practical method which can help to improve coordination, balance, freedom and movement and helps with conditions such as chronic back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, stress and posture problems, ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome, osteo-arthritis, breathing, vocal disorders, sore necks. As well for performers who want to improve the quality of their singing, acting and dancing. 

Body Balance Work

Therapists: Daniel Schwager

Pain relief and muscular, postural and energetic rebalancing. Body Balance Work focuses on alleviating symptoms, addressing pain and discomfort from injury or stress, while assessing and treating the underlying muscular, postural or energetic imbalance of the body. It integrates Eastern approaches, specifically, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Reiki with Western approaches, including Sports Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage and corrective exercises from Yoga and Pilates.

Body Stress Release

TherapistsNick Sowonola

Body Stress Release is a gentle procedure in which areas of locked in stress in the body are located. It can help with long and short term back pain sufferers, neck pain, headaches, long term migraine suffers, stiff joints, recurring injuries or neutral problems, cramps, stress and awareness that the body is not functioning as it should.

By Mariora Goschen

Breath Work

Therapists: Mariora Goschen

Breath Work works with the conscious change in breathing this therapy developed in the 1970’s takes principles from Psychotherapy and Zen Yoga. Breath Work focuses on mindfulness and meditation. Breath Work helps to release blocked emotions, frees the breathing process, relive uncomfortable experiences, enhances creativity and increases energy flow.


Therapists: Caroline Braham 

Feldenkrais improves body movement and functioning simply by paying attention, in each moment, to how we move. It is somewhat like a moving Zen meditation, by having moment-to-moment mindfulness of every movement our internal self-image expands and our range improves. Through learning how the body organises in movement, physical performance is enhanced. As somatic conscious perception increases, so does movement ability. The benefits of doing Feldenkrais include relief from tension, stiffness and muscular pain, easier and fuller breathing, enhanced skeletal and postural alignment, help with chronic neuro-muscular conditions, greater relaxation and well-being, improved performance in sport, dance, music and drama.


Therapists: Caroline Braham

Hellerwork is a powerful and unique combination of deep tissue structural integration of body work, movement and education. Hellerwork re-conditions the whole body on many levels. Deep tissue bodywork addresses muscle tension, posture, and skeletal alignment. The movement assessment and re-education is for daily self-maintenance. Attention to the body and mind connection attends to the emotions and ideas held in the tissues. Hellerwork is designed around a comprehensive series of sessions. This is a hands on therapy which can help to improve postural alignment, energy and vitality, ease of movement, movement related to dance or sport, chronic tension and pain.

Muscle Re-Activation

Therapists: Derek Gardner

Muscle Re-Activation uses a system of reflexes throughout the body that wakes up muscles. The muscles can then function at their maximum potential in strength, power, endurance and flexibility. The applications range from improved sports performance to great gains in training but also release of tight structures throughout the body that cause pain and dysfunction.

The Eyerman Technique 

Therapists: Ken Eyerman

The Eyerman Technique takes influences from Feldenkrais, dance, movement, Yoga and Deep Tissue Massage. It taps into your individual needs, releases energy and works to heal injuries or chronic discomfort and allows the individual to explore and develop movement. This therapy helps to improve postures, restore energy flow, improve breathing awareness and maintain health and a clear mind.

Zero Balancing

Therapists: Jeff Lennard 

Zero Balancing is a touch based therapy that addresses the body, mind and emotions. It was developed by Dr Fritz Smith, a medical Doctor, Osteopath and Acupuncturist with a view to establishing well-being amongst his clients. It is a manual therapy modality in which the practitioner applies finger pressure or traction to tense tissue to enable relaxation and reorganisation. 

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